The Application Incubator

The path to an MBA is full of essays, resumes/CVs, cover letters, videos, presentations, letters of recommendation, data forms and so much more.

The Application Incubator (AI) is your in-depth, full-service, step-by-step guide to help you craft the application that gets you admitted.

From the first draft to the final submit, nearly 24/7, AI is for applicants who are ready to work smarter, not harder. AI takes advantage of LaBalle Admissions’ expertise to get into the most competitive MBA programmes in the world.

Here’s what you get with AI.


In-depth analysis of all content for your application including essays, presentations, videos, etc. Is it answering the question? Is it compelling? Does it present the best of you? Does it show fit with the school? Does it make sense?

Strategic advice on how to best match your application to the school. Each MBA programme is different. You’ll learn how to tailor your essays to that school’s culture and focus.

Exhaustive read-through of your online application, including your data form and all the “mini” essays included.

Video application coaching. Many top MBA applications now include a video component and in your AI, you’ll learn what to expect, how to respond and how to do your best on camera.

Access to a select network of MBA students. Meet former LaBalle Admissions clients who are current students or alumni of the MBA programme you’re applying to.

Insider insights on the school you are applying to. This includes suggestions on majors, courses, professors, seminars, clubs, etc.

Thorough editing of your application essays for content, style & word count. Plus in-depth grammar review for non-native English speakers.

A Letter of Recommendation management plan, from how to select the best recommenders to how to get them to submit powerful letters of recommendation.

7 days a week, whatever you need, whenever you need it, we can solve any application dilemma you are facing together.

Weekly check-ins until deadline. No LaBalle Admissions client has ever missed a deadline and neither will you.

Post-application support. After your hit submit, depending on your needs, you’ll receive interview advice, waitlist strategy, ding analysis or insight on how to manage multiple admissions.

Your Investment Options

your full Application incubator is €3700 for your 1st school


or €3200 if you have completed our famous MAP session