A head + heart approach to MBA admissions.

LaBalle Admissions is a full-service MBA admissions consulting firm on a mission
to help talented professionals get into the B-school of their dreams.


But “full-service” doesn’t just mean crafting the perfect application or doing MBA interview prep.

The MBA application process is challenging and time-consuming. It’ll stretch you and frustrate you in ways you’ve never experienced before.

You deserve to have someone on your side every step of the way. To cheer you on. To listen compassionately. And to offer you no-B.S. advice, even if it is hard to hear.

LaBalle Admissions will be your counselor, consultant and coach throughout the MBA application process from start to admit.

What do you get with LaBalle Admissions?


A smart application strategy tailored to your profile and goals, that will save you time and increase your odds of being accepted.

Insider knowledge of different business schools in order to strategically position you for each MBA application.

Expert editing of your essays, resume/CV, video content & data forms.

Strategic management of the recommendation & interview processes.


An honest analysis of your strengths, weaknesses & potential as an MBA applicant.

Identification of the best stories from your life in order to create powerful essays that set you apart as an MBA applicant.

An understanding of each business school’s unique culture and how you really fit into their MBA.

Encouragement & unlimited support to get you through the toughest moments of the application process.

Why should a top MBA admit you?

Meet your personal MBA admissions coach.

Candy Lee LaBalle is the founder of LaBalle Admissions & an MBA admissions expert.

Nothing makes me happier than when a client
calls to tell me ‘We did it! I got in”.

Candy Lee LaBalle

Your personal MBA admissions coach

Since 2008, I’ve helped hundreds of MBA applicants get into the world’s leading business schools.

It started when I was the Director of a test prep academy in Madrid. My GMAT students would ask me to review their MBA application essays. I was happy to check their grammar and style, but I quickly realised that they needed a lot more.

These smart, talented MBA applicants were struggling to answer the essay questions. They were looking for the “right” answer and as a result not presenting the best of themselves to the admissions committees. They needed help identifying their stories and presenting them in a compelling way.

They simply didn’t know where to start or what to write in their MBA applications.

Drawing from my experience as a professional writer, I coached these applicants to find their voice and tailor their application to their dream school.

My very first client was accepted into Harvard Business School!

Not long after, I expanded beyond application essay advisory to create a full-service MBA admissions consulting firm — the first of its kind in Spain. mbaSpain was dedicated to helping Spaniards access the best business schools in the world, but I soon went beyond borders to work with MBA applicants from around the globe.

Since then, I’ve established myself as an expert in the MBA admissions consulting industry. I was elected twice to the Board of AIGAC, the leading organization for graduate admissions consultants. I hosted four MBA conferences, in New York City, Boston, London/Paris and Spain, have visited over a dozen top business schools and spoken at MBA events around the world.

Today, with LaBalle Admissions, my mission is to offer aspiring MBA students, like you, my expertise and guidance to get you into your dream business school.

My clients have been accepted at:

I’d love to help you get into your dream MBA, too.