Hourly Rates

In order to offer more flexibility to clients, LaBalle Admissions is rolling out an hourly billing plan for new clients.

Following the MAP, a new client can choose the following hourly rates:

The most demanding hours in an application package are the first 4-6. This the stage where the deep strategic editing and advising happens. These initial edits are based on years of research on the world’s top MBA programs, including visits to every school in the top 15, as well as working with over 600 clients to date who have been accepted in schools including Booth, Duke, Columbia, Harvard, IESE, INSEAD, Kellogg, LBS, Stanford, Wharton and more.

A full application package, including all edits, all versions, for essays, LORs and the online dataform is approximately 8-12 hours, depending on many factors including:


Difficulty of the essay questions (Stanford and HBS being the toughest)

Length of the essays (INSEAD, London Business School and Duke have very long apps; MIT & IESE’s are short, but that brevity makes them complex)

Number of essays (INSEAD has 7 compared to Kellogg’s 2; Stanford has 2 required and 4 optional)

Complexity of the overall application (schools like MIT and Kellogg require videos, Tuck and Wharton have unique LOR processes, etc…)

Based on the above, LaBalle Admissions hourly pricing is as follows:

First 1 to 5 hours = 300€/hour

After that, next 6 to 10 hours = 250€/hour

Above 10 hours, each hour is = 200€/hour



LaBalle Admissions pricing has been crafted in line with our desire to make admissions consulting available to a wide range of people. We believe that the critical support needed to enter your dream MBA program should not be a luxury service. Our prices are less than most US or Asia-based consultants because of this. They do not reflect a lesser-quality service. In fact, our personalized service has been praised by our clients: