The MBA Action Plan (MAP)

This is the first step on your journey to the MBA and Business School of your dreams! Our world-famous MAP service gives a super-sonic push to your MBA ambitions, your exclusive road-map from ‘applicant’ to ‘admit!’

Who is it for?

Motivated applicants who are ready to apply this year and who want a complete overview of the application process, from choosing the best schools to brainstorming essays to managing recommenders. The goal is to make sure you are able to create the best application possible! MAP will lay it all out for you!

It’s also for young professionals and students who want to apply in a year or two. In your case, the main focus of MAP will be how to improve your profile and prepare yourself to be an outstanding MBA applicant in the future.

Here’s what you get with the MAP


A one-to-one session in person, online or by phone with Candy Lee LaBalle, the founder of LaBalle Admissions.

Clarification of your career goals and why you need an MBA to achieve them.

Concrete ways to improve your profile before the application deadline.

Assessment of your odds of being accepted into various business schools -- honest, direct and with no B.S.

Creation of clear deliverables and a comprehensive timeline to reach your deadlines -- no last-minute rush.

Advice on how to manage your recommenders to get exceptional letters of recommendation.

Overview of the security methods business schools use to screen your application.

Analysis of the personal stories and experiences that make you stand out from thousands of applicants.

Strategies to highlight your strengths and overcome your weaknesses during the application process.

Deep-dive analysis of your resume so you can turn it into a powerful MBA application tool. *Or choose MAP+ and you'll also get a brand new MBA-optimized resume!

Identification of the best programmes and application rounds for you.

Brainstorming of the best stories for each of your application essays. Learn how to structure your essays, and most importantly, what to say.

Answers to all of your questions about the MBA application process: tests, transcripts, translations, videos, interviews…don’t waste hours on contradictory websites and forums, Candy's done the research for you.

Your Investment


MAP = 1250€

“Candy analyzes your strengths and weaknesses, helps you determine the best program that fits you, helps make your essays and applications more solid and ensures that you present a true and unique story”