CV & Resume Master Class

Whether you call it a CV or a resume, this is a critical document for your success.

A well-written CV or resume can make the difference between moving ahead or not, in your school applications, a job search, a scholarship process and more.

After the CV & Resume Master Class, you’ll walk away with a powerful marketing tool that leverages your experience and positions your profile and potential effectively for the position you seek.

Here’s what you get with the CV & Resume Master Class.


A one-to-one session in person, online or by phone with Candy Lee LaBalle, the founder of LaBalle Admissions.

Thorough review of each & every bullet point on your CV/resume.

Better bullet points. An in-depth overview of your experience and accomplishments to improve those bullet points.

A focus on you with the creation of a final document that shows what YOU are capable of, not just a job description.

Something fun & valuable with the addition of new, interesting elements that make you stand out.

Cover letter creation (optional service). Half of the battle is getting your CV/resume to the top of the pile. A winning cover letter can do that.

Your Investment Options

CV / Resume ONLY


CV / Resume + up to 2 Cover Letters