Smart strategies + non-stop support* =
your MBA admissions success.

Since 2005, Candy Lee LaBalle has helped +600 (& counting) applicants get accepted.


Applying for an MBA is hard work and the stakes are very high.

Stanford usually admits just 6% of its applicants into its MBA. Harvard Business School lets in about 12%. MIT Sloan & Berkeley Haas admit around 14% and Columbia under 18%. For the rest of the top US schools, admissions rates are under 20% and European schools like INSEAD, LBS and IESE average less than 30% of applicants admitted.

LaBalle Admissions’s expertise-driven suite of services WILL increase those odds in your favour. But it is not just about expertise, Candy’s promise to you (really, really!), is to be there with you throughout the long, gritty process. Whether you can afford 1 hour or 100, you’ll have her *full support (and constant contact via whatsapp) to keep you motivated, focused and occasionally amused.

“If I let you into my family of clients, you are in, always. Never forget that. This is not a transaction for me. A recent client (admit to Wharton & Stern) called the experience of working with me a “self-awakening” and I do believe that applying to an MBA is a truly personal experience of self-awareness and awakening. It deserves to be treated with respect and awe.” – Candy


No matter where you are in the process,
LaBalle Admissions has an MBA application package to help you.

The MBA Action Plan (MAP)

Your journey to business school starts here with the MBA Action Plan (MAP). This is the first step for MBA hopefuls who are ready to get started with LaBalle Admissions.

The MAP is an in-depth, one-to-one session designed to create the best, most efficient and direct path to admission. During our strategy session, we’ll review your personal, professional and academic background and identify your goals, challenges and areas where you need help.

In this session, we lay the groundwork for the rest of the application process together.

The Application Incubator

The path to an MBA is full of essays, CVs, cover letters, videos, presentations, letters of recommendation, data forms and so much more.

Application Incubator (AI) is your personally tailored, comprehensive application guide to get through all of these requirements and help you get admitted. From the first draft to the final submit, AI is a full-service package for MBA applicants who are motivated to get into one of the world’s best MBA programmes.

MBA Expertise by the Hour

Whether you just need a few hours to review your application, only need a bit of guidance, or have a limited budget, hourly pricing might be for you!

By the hour, you get the exact amount of expert advice you need to make your application shine!

CV & Resume Master Class

Whether you call it a CV or a resume, it is a critical document for your MBA application, a new job search or a scholarship application.

After the CV & Resume Master Class, you walk away with a powerful marketing tool that presents your profile, experience and potential in a convincing way to your target audience.

Interview Intensive

Have you been invited to interview? Congratulations! Once that invitation arrives to your inbox, statistics show an increase to over 60% in chances of admission.

Increase your odds even further this MBA Interview Intensive.

Why LaBalle Admissions?

1. Personalised Strategy

Get an honest assessment of your potential as an applicant.

Identify the stories that will make your application stand out (through essays, letters, videos and more).

Receive a strategic MBA Action Plan (MAP) tailored just for you.

2. Unlimited support &
expert advice.

Save time with direct answers to all your MBA doubts -- no wasted hours on the web.

Ongoing brainstorming, editing, grammar checks & improvement of your essays, application documents, videos and more.

Strategic (re)positioning for each B-school to make sure you show real fit.

3. To acceptance & beyond.

Tailored prep for any type of interview, whether blind or non-blind, conducted by alumni or adcom, team-based or on-campus.

Access to a network of admitted MBA students ready to help you.

Insider advice on school events, open days & other interactions with alumni and admissions.

Here’s what my clients have to say:


Not sure which package is right for you?

If you aren’t sure which service is right for you,
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