Wharton TBD Super Sessions

with Candy Lee LaBalle, Poets & Quants #1 consultant worldwide!

Round 2 Invitees to Wharton’s TBD: interview dates Friday 24th FEB to Friday 3rd MAR

If you’ve been invited to the Wharton interview for your Class of 2025 application, CONGRATS – this means they like you and think you’d be a good fit in their MBA!


First, you need to survive the Team-Based Discussion or TBD. This is Wharton’s unique interview process which puts you and a few other lucky applicants together to work on a project.

Why does Wharton do this?

What are they seeking?

1.  Ability to work in a learning team which is at the heart of the Wharton MBA experience

 2. Ability to listen to others, facilitate ideas, collaborate, encourage the team & move towards a goal

How well you collaborate with others toward a larger objective is more important than your own ideas about the project. Your ideas should be thought-out, but they are not the final objective, the team discussion is. What role will you play in that?

To get ready, you should read the info Wharton sent you in detail, prep your case, and practice BUT why do this alone?

Candy Lee LaBalle has prepped dozens of successful Wharton admits and is ready to help you too! (after the Class of 2024 Super Sessions + R1 for Class of 2025, 90% of the participants became admits – why not you too?)

Join one of Candy’s TBD Super Weekend Sessions:

Session 1: Tuesday 21st February 2023, 1500 CET

Session 2: Saturday 25th February 2023, 1700 CET

More dates will be made available once the above fill up with maximum 6 participants.

Email me, candy@laballe.co, to reserve your spot today!

Here’s how the LaBalle TBD Mock Super Session Works.


Pre-session guidelines on how to attack the TBD with an overview of the prompt, useful links & more.

A one-hour session online with 4-6 other amazing Wharton applicants with Candy Lee LaBalle moderating.

Experience the TBD experience in as close a simulation as possible.

Get critical feedback from your peers. Just like in the MBA setting, learn from your experience with others.

Practice the post-TBD interview. It's short, but critical, let's practice together.

Personalized critique. Just for you, a 30 min review of how you did, and how to improve, with Candy live!

Your Investment

“Candy analyzes your strengths and weaknesses, helps you determine the best program that fits you, helps make your essays and applications more solid and ensures that you present a true and unique story”